Covered by the Tupperware Lifetime Guarantee.

Tupperware 终身保修保障。

Tupperware products are guaranteed by the Company against cracking, warping, peeling and chipping under normal domestic use.Tupperware公司将提供终身保修保障予一般家用情况下出现的裂痕、变形、剥落和缺口。
cracking warping peeling chipping
Cracking 裂痕 Warping 变形 Peeling 剥落 Chipping 缺口

Not covered by the Tupperware Lifetime Guarantee

Not Covered By The Tupperware Lifetime Guarantee
* If products touch the dishwasher element, stove-top burner or even hot metal objects, the heat can melt the product at the point of contact.
** If a product is knocked against or hit by a hard object or drops and breaks as a result, it is not replaceable under the guarantee.

If your product is covered, you may proceed to the following address from Mondays to Fridays, 10am to 7pm.

Tupperware Brands Singapore
85, Defu Lane 10, Ground Floor
Singapore, 539218.
Tel: 6285 3988