You can now buy Tupperware Potato Mash IT! in Singapore!

9 May

We have just posted the following product in our online Tupperware shop (Singapore).

Tupperware Potato Mash IT!

Buy Tupperware Potato Mash IT!

Tupperware’s Potato Mash IT! potato masher makes mashing potatoes easier than ever. Its contoured rubber handle ensures a secure grip, and its ridged base ensures optimal mashing performance. Use the Mash IT! to quickly and conveniently mash potatoes for your favourite recipes.

  • Sharp and angled edges for a smooth mash
  • Dual shaped masher ensures better reach
  • Long handle can be used in deep sauce pans
  • Easy to clear holes to prevent wastage of food

Dimensions (approximately):

27.4cm (L) × 9.1cm (W) × 8.0cm (H)


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