Tupperware Treasure Box is now available for purchase!

5 Jul

Tupperware Membership Application
Treasure boxThe Tupperware Treasure Box is one of the starter kits that you can purchase when you first join as a Tupperware member. If you miss the opportunity to purchase one during application, that’s it!

We are proud to bring to you limited quantities of the Tupperware Treasure Box worth (Worth $221.50) at only $150! The Treasure Box is a great gift for House Warming as it contains items that most households would need when they move in to a new place.

If you have not and would like to join as a Tupperware member, take this opportunity to get this at $130 and your membership fee of $35 is waived!

What’s in the Treasure Box?

Fridge Water Bottle (1) 2.0L  $                  22.90
Snowflake Square Round (4) 400ml  $                  30.00
FreezerMate Small II (2) 650ml  $                  26.00
FreezerMate Medium II (1) 1.5L  $                  21.00
Eco Bottle (1) 1L  $                  14.00
Eco Bottle (2) 500ml  $                  17.00
Topper Junior (1) 600ml  $                    9.30
Topper Small (1) 950ml  $                  12.30
Modular Mates Starter Set  $                  58.40
Dish Wash Concentrate (1) 800ml  $                  10.60
Total  $                221.50


Get the Treasure Box at our Online Shop now or WhatsApp us at 90242048 for membership application!