Tupperware Milk Bottle fits Spectra Breast Pump / Shield / Flange!

6 Jan

Many mummies on Breastfeeding Support Groups on Facebook and Forums have complained that the original Spectra milk collection bottle doesn’t fit the breast shield / flange well causing many instances of spilled milk and near misses. Today, we accidentally found out that Tupperware’s own milk bottles fits the Spectra perfectly! No more spilled milk! And you know what? It’s super affordable too!

BPA Free! Safe for baby.
Made from BPA-Free materials, our baby bottles DO NOT leach toxic BPA into liquids:

  • when sterilizing bottles in hot water
  • when repeated washing and scrubbing
  • when scratched and worn out


To order, WhatsApp me at 9024 2048 or order from my online shop:

5oz Purple – $9.90

5oz Green – $9.90

9oz Purple – $11.30