Tupperware Limited Edition Moo Moo Canister! Cute!

1 Nov
Moo Moo Canister Limited Edition
Moo Moo Canister Limited Edition

Argh! Since when did Tupperware come out with such a cute design?! Tupperware has imported this special cow Moo Moo Canister from overseas and is a limited edition!

Click on the picture for more detail on the pricing. Please quickly place your order with me as I foresee that the stock will run out very fast for this.

Update: 15 November 2014

SOLD OUT! Sorry folks, all the stock I managed to acquire has been sold out! There’s no more stock at Tupperware’s Warehouse since 7 November 2014 and we understand that there will be no replenishment of stocks due to this being a limited release!