Tupperware RiceSmart 10kg Rice Dispenser – 11116572

11 Apr

A must-have for every home, the RiceSmart preserves the freshness of rice with the first-in-first-out rotation method to nourish families at every meal. Stylish and compact, it complements any kitchen and is the best choice for any family.

Saves Space
Slim and compact design. Fits 10kg rice.
save space

See-Through Walls
Always know how much rice you have left.ricesmart see through

Always Fresh
First-in-first-out freshness ensures old rice is used before new.
ricesmart first in first out

One Slide = 1 Cup
Dispenses exactly 1 cup (150g) of rice with every slide.
one cup rice smart

Perfectly Sized
Fit easily even in narrow spaces.RiceSmart Slim

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5 Jan

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