Tupperware Nano Nature Water Filter at $888 instead of $1290!

17 Sep


I couldn’t believe my ears.

I had wanted to buy a water filter for our new house in Sengkang but the price tag of $1290 was just a tad too much for us to swallow.

I’m glad we waited out!

For new members, you are entitled to buy the Nano Nature Water Filter System at just $888 with extra benefits such as the Treasure Box and Tupperware Business Starter Kit thrown in!

I am already a Tupperware member so I’ll simply use my parents’ or siblings’ name to sign up as a new member to get this!

Contact us at 8588 9269 (Whatsapp) or tupperware@sh.sg (Email) if you are keen to get one!

Stage 1 – Filter
Patented Nano-Ceram Filter

  • Holds 3-4 times more surface area compared to normal non-pleated filters
    – Has high sediment holding capacity
    – Promotes high flow rate
    – Effectively traps even the minutest of sediments
    – Removes particulate jam from water flow
  • Electropositive charge in Nano-ceram adsorbs sub-micron contaminants
    – Effectively removes 99.9999% bacteria
    – Removes 99.99% viruses




  • 过滤面积比非褶皱膜高3至4 倍!
    – 持污能力更高
    – 促进更高的水流量
    – 能有效去除极细微的沉淀物
    – 能去除水流中的微粒
  • Nano-Ceram中的阳电极能去除微米大小的污染源,
    – 能穿透其他滤芯的细菌和病毒。
    – 能有效去除99.9999%的细菌
    – 能去除99.99%的病毒

Stage 2 – Purify
High Density Activated Carbon Block Filter

  • Proven to remove contaminants (VOC, heavy metals, chloride, waterborne
    parasites, organic and inorganic chemicals).
  • Does not remove existing beneficial minerals from water
  • Contains more carbon (1-1.5 inch thick)
  • Improves water clarity and taste
  • Does not impede water flow rate



  • 有效滤除挥发性有机物质,重金属,氯,水中的寄生虫,有机和无机化学物。
  • 不会去除存在水中的有益矿物质(如锌,钙,镁和铁)。
  • 芯的含碳量比竞争对手的产品高(1-1.5寸厚)。
  • 改善食水的清澈度和味道。
  • 不会防碍水流。

Stage 3 – Enhance
Bakuhan Enhancement Tank

  • Bakuhan (Mineral-rich Volcanic Rock from Japan) Enhancement Tank with trace amounts of
    19 beneficial minerals.
  • Increases mineral content in water for better taste and quality
  • Increases pH level of water for optimum health.


Bakuhan 矿物增强棒

  • Bakuhan (矿物质含量丰富的日本独有的火山石)矿物增强棒含微量的19种有益矿物质。
  • 保留水中的天然有益矿物质。
  • 水中丰富的矿物质含量和呈略硷的食水,促使身体保持最佳健康状态。

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