Tupperware VentSmart series

10 Apr

Tupperware ventsmart

Tupperware VentSmart

Want to save space and keep your fruits and vegetables fresh for longer in the fridge? Get smart and use Tupperware VentSmart! With a unique air circulation system that helps regulate the atmosphere inside the container, you never have to worry about wasting money on spoiled produce.

1. VentSmart Rectangular Medium Low (1) 1.8L

  • 11104067 – Retail: $34.00 (S$)
  • Dimension: 28.3cm (L) x 18.7cm (W) x 6.8cm (H)

2. VentSmart Rectangular Medium High (1) 4.4L

  • 11104068 – Retail: $49.50 (S$)
  • Dimension: 28.3cm (L) x 18.7cm (W) x 13.4cm (H)

3. VentSmart Rectangular Small High (1) 1.8L

  • 11104069 – Retail: $29.00 (S$)
  • Dimension: 18.9cm (L) x 14.2cm (W) x 13.4cm (H)

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