You can now buy Tupperware Lucky Munch One Touch Set (4) in Singapore!

1 Jan

We have just posted the following product in our online Tupperware shop (Singapore).

Tupperware Lucky Munch One Touch Set (4)

Buy Tupperware Lucky Munch One Touch Set (4)

Experience a burst of freshness as your snacks stay perfectly preserved with the One Touch Set. Ideal for peanut cookies, pineapple tarts, and many other snacks. It’s easy to keep your snacks fresh and flavorful with One Touch Set. With its innovative design, it’s perfect for storing all your favorite treats, from peanut cookies to pineapple tarts. Say goodbye to stale snacks and hello to long-lasting freshness.

Lucky Munch One Touch Set (4)

  • One Touch Topper Junior (2) 590ml
  • One Touch Canister Junior (2) 1.25L
  • CNY Stickers (2)

  • One Touch Set boasts a liquid-tight and airtight seal for optimal storage.
  • This product is perfect for daily use and has the perfect size for serving a variety of snacks such as nuts, cookies, biscuits, and more.

  • 590ml
  • D 13.0 H 8.2 cm
  • 1.25L
  • D 13.0 H 15.5 cm

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