NaturCare™ Organic Lacto-Fiber™

29 Oct
NaturCare Organic Lacto-Fiber
NaturCare Organic Lacto-Fiber – S$29.00
NaturCare Organic Lacto-Fiber - S$66
NaturCare Organic Lacto-Fiber – S$66

NaturCare™ Organic Lacto-Fiber™

“Fiber” has always been associated with constipation and if someone asks you if you want to buy “fiber supplement”, a natural reaction is “But I don’t suffer from constipation!”. However, the NaturCare Organic Lacto-Fiber from Tupperware does much more than just relieving constipation. Surely, no one will be so silly to pay premium price for “anti-constipation” supplements.

Enriched with 59 other nutrient-rich ingredients, NaturCareTM Organic Lacto-FiberTM helps restore healthy body function, empowering you with more energy to live a fuller life!

  • An organic, whole-food fiber meal Provides 4g of complete fiber together with vitamins, minerals and natural  enzymes; similar to normal food intake in just 1 serving.
  • All-natural and effective inner cleanse Complete fiber (insoluble and soluble) promotes healthy digestive system,  normalizes cholesterol and fat; with added Milk Thistle to protect liver.
  • Restores and rejuvenates bodily  function Improves energy level, general well-being and restores healthy,  radiant skin.
  • Strengthens the immune system Enriched with pre- and probiotics, fruit enzymes to strengthen our defence.

If you do not need it in sachet form, you can also purchase this product in a tub like this at a S$66.00



Tupperware Nano Nature Water Filter at $888 instead of $1290!

17 Sep


I couldn’t believe my ears.

I had wanted to buy a water filter for our new house in Sengkang but the price tag of $1290 was just a tad too much for us to swallow.

I’m glad we waited out!

For new members, you are entitled to buy the Nano Nature Water Filter System at just $888 with extra benefits such as the Treasure Box and Tupperware Business Starter Kit thrown in!

I am already a Tupperware member so I’ll simply use my parents’ or siblings’ name to sign up as a new member to get this!

Contact us at 8588 9269 (Whatsapp) or (Email) if you are keen to get one!

Stage 1 – Filter
Patented Nano-Ceram Filter

  • Holds 3-4 times more surface area compared to normal non-pleated filters
    – Has high sediment holding capacity
    – Promotes high flow rate
    – Effectively traps even the minutest of sediments
    – Removes particulate jam from water flow
  • Electropositive charge in Nano-ceram adsorbs sub-micron contaminants
    – Effectively removes 99.9999% bacteria
    – Removes 99.99% viruses




  • 过滤面积比非褶皱膜高3至4 倍!
    – 持污能力更高
    – 促进更高的水流量
    – 能有效去除极细微的沉淀物
    – 能去除水流中的微粒
  • Nano-Ceram中的阳电极能去除微米大小的污染源,
    – 能穿透其他滤芯的细菌和病毒。
    – 能有效去除99.9999%的细菌
    – 能去除99.99%的病毒

Stage 2 – Purify
High Density Activated Carbon Block Filter

  • Proven to remove contaminants (VOC, heavy metals, chloride, waterborne
    parasites, organic and inorganic chemicals).
  • Does not remove existing beneficial minerals from water
  • Contains more carbon (1-1.5 inch thick)
  • Improves water clarity and taste
  • Does not impede water flow rate



  • 有效滤除挥发性有机物质,重金属,氯,水中的寄生虫,有机和无机化学物。
  • 不会去除存在水中的有益矿物质(如锌,钙,镁和铁)。
  • 芯的含碳量比竞争对手的产品高(1-1.5寸厚)。
  • 改善食水的清澈度和味道。
  • 不会防碍水流。

Stage 3 – Enhance
Bakuhan Enhancement Tank

  • Bakuhan (Mineral-rich Volcanic Rock from Japan) Enhancement Tank with trace amounts of
    19 beneficial minerals.
  • Increases mineral content in water for better taste and quality
  • Increases pH level of water for optimum health.


Bakuhan 矿物增强棒

  • Bakuhan (矿物质含量丰富的日本独有的火山石)矿物增强棒含微量的19种有益矿物质。
  • 保留水中的天然有益矿物质。
  • 水中丰富的矿物质含量和呈略硷的食水,促使身体保持最佳健康状态。

Tupperware Nano Nature Water Filter Offer Discount



Tupperware’s new 310ml water bottles!

26 Jul

Update: This is all sold out!

Little did I know that I was not the only person going crazy over the new range of 310ml Eco bottles from Tupperware! At this size, they fit excellently in my bag as well as my wife’s! Plus, you know that Tupperware’s Eco bottle range doesn’t spill! Here’s part of what my clients ordered so far! Want to order? Email us at or whatsapp 8588 9269 and tell us the following:

  • Item Code: 1111 4595
  • Description: Eco Bottle (3) 310ml
  • Price: S$21.00

Do note that the price is for one set of 3 bottles (Colours: Margarita, Grape Fizz and Fuchia Kiss)! Tupperware's new 310ml eco bottles!