Mando Chef is back in limited quantities!

15 May

The Tupperware Time Savers MandoChef is a high grade kitchen instrument which quickly and efficiently cuts fruits and vegetables into even and precise slices, crinkle slices, dices, diamonds, french fries cuts, waffle cuts,julienne and crinkle cuts. The cutting system is extremely sharp and must be handled with care.



Last batch of Tupperware Hello Kitty Eco Bottles!

23 Mar


We’ve checked with the HQ warehouse and confirmed that there’s no more new stock coming in for the Tupperware Hello Kitty Eco Bottles!

Whatever we are holding in our shop is the last batch of stocks! Once they are gone, they are gone! We are aware that some fans are trying to find friends to share the set. Unfortunately, we are not able to sell them separately as they come in a set of 4 with the Gift Box.

Each bottle is 425ml and like all Tupperware drink/food products, they are BPA free.

Get it today! >> Tupperware Hello Kitty Eco Bottle Set <<




Tupperware Singapore Catalogue (1 January – 14 February 2016)

1 Jan

Happy New Year everyone!

Here’s the latest Tupperware Singapore catalogue for 1 January to 14 February 2016!

Get the January – February Tupperware Catalogue here!

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